Upcoming trials of Hong Kong pro-democracy leaders, as of 28 August 2017

among 39 legal cases brought by the Hong Kong government against 26 pro-democracy leaders

(last updated: 28 November 2017)

For full overview of all 39 cases, see “Overview of prosecutions and lawsuits brought by the Hong Kong government against pro-democracy leaders”.

· Expected before 26 September: Verdict in case of 20 charged with contempt of court in relation to the clearance of Mong Kok on 26 November 2014 during the Umbrella Movement. 11 have acknowledged liability, including Joshua Wong (already imprisoned for 7 months) and Lester Shum. 9 have not, including Raphael Wong (already imprisoned for 13 months). Prison sentences are widely expected. UPDATE: Verdict postponed until 13 October; all 20 convicted; sentencing on 7 December

· 7 September: Trial of Cheng Chung-tai for desecrating the PRC & SAR flags on 19 Oct 2016 in Legco by turning upside down pro-CCP members’ mini-flags placed on their desks. UPDATE: Trial concluded 15 September, found guilty on 29 September and fined HK$5,000

· 19 September: start of trial of “Umbrella Movement 9”, charged with various counts of “conspiracy to incite public nuisance” and “inciting public nuisance”, in relation to the start of the Umbrella Movement on 28 September 2014. The case is basically intended to place legal blame on these 9 for starting the Umbrella Movement, an utterly ridiculous notion to anyone who saw how it actually unfolded. The 9 are Chu Yiu-ming, Chan Kin-man, Benny Tai (of OCLP), Lee Wing-tat (of Democratic Party), Shiu Ka-chun (Legco member representing social welfare functional constituency), Tanya Chan (Legco member from Civic Party), Raphael Wong (of LSD, currently serving 13 months in prison), Tommy Cheung, Eason Chung (of HKFS). UPDATE: 4 days of pre-trial hearings scheduled to begin on 9 January 2018.

· 21 September: sentencing of former HKU Student Union president Billy Fung (found guilty of disorderly conduct, acquitted of criminal intimidation; had previously plead guilty to criminal damage and attempted forcible entry at HKU council meeting 26 Jan ’16) and former HKU Student Union external vice president Colman Li (found guilty of obstructing ambulanceman at HKU council meeting 26 Jan ’16). UPDATE: Billy Fung sentenced to 240 hours of community service, Colman Li to 200

· 3 October: Trial of Avery Ng (of LSD) begins; charged with assaulting a police officer in relation to an incident on Legco election day in September 2016 when he threw a sandwich at Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying and it allegedly hit an officer instead. UPDATE: Trial concluded 12 October; sentenced to 3 weeks in prison on 31 October, on bail pending appeal.

·13 October: Trial of Dickson Chau Ka-faat (of LSD), Avery Ng (of LSD), Devon Cheng Pui-lun (former Lingnan U Student Union president), Derek Lam (core member of Demosisto), Ivan Lam (already imprisoned for 13 months) and 4 others for various offenses (unlawful assembly, inciting disorderly conduct, obstructing police, assaulting police) related to the 6 November 2016 protest against the NPCSC Basic Law interpretation on oath-taking which lead to the disqualification of 6 elected pro-democracy Legco members. UPDATE: The 13 October date turned out to be a pre-trial hearing. The trial proper is scheduled to begin 29 January 2018.

· December: Trial of Avery Ng for disclosing the name of a person under investigation by the Independent Commission against Corruption

Other upcoming trials for which I don’t have court dates include:

· Leung Kwok-hung / Long Hair, former chair of LSD and Legco member (prior to disqualification) for contempt of Legco, related to a November 2016 incident in which he grabbed files of a government minister off of his desk

· Kenneth Leung, Legco member representing Accountancy functional constituency, vice-chair of Professional Commons, is being sued by the former Chief Executive, Leung Chun-ying, for defamation in relation to a claim he made that Leung was being investigated by tax authorities abroad

· Baggio Leung for unlawful assembly in relation to attempting to enter a Legco conference room in Nov ’16 while still a Legco member

· Yau Wai-ching for attempting to enter a Legco conference room in Nov ’16 while still a Legco member

In addition, Long Hair and Lau Siu-lai are appealing their High Court disqualification from Legco. Joshua Wong, Alex Chow and Nathan Law are appealing their prison sentences for the unlawful assembly convictions for occupying Civic Square. Raphael Wong is appealing his prison sentence for his unlawful assembly conviction for Legco NENT development plan protest.

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Author of ‘Umbrella: A Political Tale from Hong Kong’ and ‘As long as there is resistance, there is hope: Essays on the Hong Kong freedom struggle…’

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